It creeps in, unexpected, in the middle of a sleepless night. Soundless, until the Darkness has pounced, slicing straight into my heart and turning, twisting the knife…

No one chooses you, it whispers its poison in my ear as it withdraws, hoping its attack will have undone me. No one. Never

And two tears fall, into the ache of my heart. Only two, all I will yield to my flesh. Then I breathe deep and reach for the  Truth.

Because I know it’s a lie, and a sin. The pain I believe is in my heart is only wounded pride, desiring exaltation for myself, and by some man, though no mere man can fulfill what only God can. It’s untrue: a man chose me once, and we were so toxic together that I know beyond knowing that being chosen, in itself, is not enough. It’s false twice over: God Himself  has chosen me for His own… loves me perfectly (for He is perfect)… sent the perfect man, His son Jesus, to save me… and He promises never to let me go.

I breathe that Truth, and look to the Light, and drawing the poison out, He heals me.  And so again the darkness fails. As it always must.


~ by lorakceel on May 4, 2017.

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