I lit a candle

I lit a candle for closure –
As one lights candles in remembrance
When someone we love is gone
And you are gone as surely
As if you had died.
And who knows, maybe you have
But I suspect it’s only that
You’re dead to me, or I am to you;
Some variation on that theme.
So I lit the candle and let it burn
As I went about my day
And when it came to its end
I watched it flicker and dim
The flame growing weaker
I wrapped my hand around the glass
And absorbed the warmth that remained
And I watched for those last minutes
Until the flame died out.
And when I think of you now
I see that candle dying
And the now-empty globe that held it
And I remind myself
That you are gone from me
More silent even than the grave
And that I have already grieved that passing.




~ by lorakceel on July 23, 2011.

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