Great Storm

A great storm is coming.

There is so little time to prepare.

We are okay for the moment, but we need to seek a more permanent shelter, and quickly.

The dark-haired woman next to me tells me that she is taking all but the youngest of her children with her, in hopes of getting supplies and reaching safety. But the youngest boy – still a babe-in-arms and with a disfiguring handicap – she will leave here. She says she will come back for him later, and I can tell that she hopes it more than she believes it.

She is not a hard-hearted person. She is simply desperate.  This choice tears at her heart.

As it happens, I have a shelter in mind. I give her the address of the house. I tell her that she can take her other children and go for their supplies, and meet me there. I will meet her – if I can – with her son. She is visibly relieved, but nothing is sure.

The great storm is coming.

Despite many obstacles and after much confusion, I arrive at the house at last. There are more people there than I expected – family members, friends, the woman and her children.

And yet, there is room enough for all of us.

But I begin to worry… will we have enough supplies? Are we protected enough? Is there time or means to ready ourselves further?

I awake with a jolt, frightened.

I calm myself by reasoning the outcomes.
In the practical sense: with so many of us there, we could make quick work of reinforcing our shelter.  In the deeper sense: it will be enough; we will trust in God, and He will provide.

This one thought stays with me, for days to follow: A great storm is coming. Am I prepared?


~ by lorakceel on January 9, 2011.

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