As Always

      A year; a lifetime ago
         She’d gone away and taken your heart
      Left because you didn’t care
         You did, but never told her
      I said you should let her know
         But your pride wouldn’t let you do it
      I quoted cliches that you weren’t ready
         And she must not have been the one
      I should have been a friend to you
         But I responded as a woman first
           As always

      Kisses that set me aflame
         Whenever we’re together
      I smile through them
         Because it feels good; because I am happy
      Because if I let myself be too serious
         I will fall all over again
      Not that I could stop myself
         When it comes to you
      Healing you
         Wounding me
           As always

      Now I’m the one
         Who needs the truth from you
      And I know you would be honest
         If you would answer at all
      But the truth comes easy to you
         Only if it’s without emotion
      And if you have an opinion
         You will never tell
      We go our separate ways
         And I am left to wonder
           As always

    Copyright © September 1995


~ by lorakceel on August 1, 2010.

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