Costa Rica :: Part 21

This story is being told as a series. Here’s a link to Part 1

Part 21

It was nearly dinnertime by the time we reached our destination in Puntarenas. As we arrived, the rainy season reasserted itself. The sky opened up in a torrential downpour as we pulled up in front of the hotel, and Chucho and the hotel staff met us at the bus door with umbrellas to keep us as close to dry as could be arranged as we crossed to the entrance. Ciro and the hotel manager led us to a small conference room to explain the check-in process and how to make use of the all-inclusive amenities. We were given small packages of warm cookies along with our keys, and then Ciro led us on a brief tour of the hotel, in the general direction of the building where our rooms were assigned.

We passed Chucho on the way, still out front near the bus, standing in the entryway talking — friendly as always with the staff wherever we went. I stepped out of line behind Ciro long enough to hand Chucho the package of cookies, small thanks again for the rescue he’d provided me two nights before with Eddie. He smiled, surprised, as I waved a quick goodbye and rejoined the group.

That night the drinks flowed freely, as they tend to do when they are, in fact, free. I had dinner with Pat and Colleen, a lovely couple from Texas, then ran into two or three other couples from our group in the bar. There were activities scheduled for late into the night. I heard the next morning that Ciro had taken part in the karaoke (not surprising to me having heard him sing on the bus), and quite a few had stayed up for dancing. I was sorry I’d missed it, but was glad to get some rest before the next day’s excursion.

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