Costa Rica :: Part 18

This story is being told as a series. Here’s a link to Part 1

Part 18

I’d been up and about for a while the next morning when there was a knock on my door. “Susan, are you there?” It was Toni, one of my new tour friends. She had locked herself out of her hut in her nightclothes. Apparently that still left her the more decent member of her party to go get help, but not so much so that she wanted to wander to the lobby in that condition. I was only too happy to loan her something a bit more substantial to wear so that she could go up to the front desk to get assistance.

The rest of the day was a blur of activity — long drives north; yet another wildlife tour by boat, this one taking us ever-so-briefly across the border into Nicaragua; another lunch of primarily rice and beans. On the boat, I felt vaguely ill and tired, not my best self. A long ride back to Fortuna, during which I rested and started to feel better; time to shop and explore in town; a downpour and a few of us temporarily misplaced; in the end I spotted them in the distance and pointed them out to Chucho, who had become my friend after the prior night’s rescue. Finally, we had plans to visit the hot springs.

Throughout the day I was distracted, thinking intermittently about the way a kiss should be a dance between two people; a give and take, rather than a military charge. At the hot springs I didn’t go into the water, didn’t even change clothes, just explored the grounds. I asked another of my new friends from the tour how it was, and she said simply, “Not refreshing!” I laughed; had she really thought hot springs in this humid climate would be refreshing?

I got ready for dinner in the evening, very aware of Eddie’s imminent return. If, that is, he decided to come back, and for some reason it would be hard to articulate, I was not at all convinced he would. I was just finished changing — we had said we would go swimming — when Toni knocked on my door again. She wanted to thank me for the clothing rescue that morning and had brought over some wine. I was a bit dressier than she’d seen me — the only thing that I could wear over the swimsuit I’d brought was a skirt — so I explained in broad strokes about Eddie. She was more excited for me that I was for myself. The two of us poured the wine into the only cups in the room — coffee mugs — and took them with us to go have dinner together. Her companion never joined us. Instead it was just a quiet girl’s night, getting to know a little more about her.

After dinner, I waited with her in the extensive line for the computers — she was waiting for news of a new birth at home — and then Eddie’s cab pulled up. There was no news yet for her. My date had arrived. I wished her goodnight. Eddie and I headed toward the pool area.

The water felt so cold compared to the hot evening air that I could barely stand it. Eddie swam for a minute, then we went over to the hot tub area and joined several of the members of my tour there. I quickly introduced him to everyone, simply by name with no explanation of how I knew him. For all they knew of me, I could be the sort of person who would just bump into and be friendly with a random stranger at the resort; for all they knew of me, I could be the sort of woman who picks up strange men.

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