Costa Rica :: Part 16

This story is being told as a series. Here’s a link to Part 1

Part 16

I was just walking out of the dining room and through the lobby, planning to head back to my room, when a cab pulled up outside, immediately ahead of me. I smiled to myself, tomorrow that might be Eddie, and then Eddie himself emerged. I was not expecting him until the following day, if at all. He had decided to surprise me. I was surprised.

We sat in the bar area for a little while, until the sounds of the soccer game — Costa Rica v. Mexico — drowned out conversation, so we strolled the grounds. Lobby, pool, hot tub, paths, huts. I was awkwardly aware that the humidity was giving me perpetually bad hair; that I had given up wearing makeup along the journey when I realized that it tended to melt off in the damp heat. I was quite obviously not at my best, and there was really nothing to be done for it.

He came into my hut, remarking on how much larger it was than where he was staying — he’d stayed at some impressive places along the way but had gone with something more Spartan in Fortuna. He opened up the back door that led to a patio out back (where the giant bug had been), flipped on the switch and invited me to sit with him out there. My level of trepidation and caution would have been better suited to a war zone, as if I were ducking snipers rather than the risk of a few creepy-crawlies. Eddie had brought his camera, to show me pictures of the places he’d been. The damp air wreaked havoc on technology, and we went back inside to the air conditioning so he could show me.

We sat side by side — he always seemed to sit so very close — and he showed me the pictures he’d taken… of his hotel, a beach, his guided evening nature walk in search of frogs, snakes, even a tarantula. He described how the guide had tap-tap-tapped the ground outside the tarantula’s hole to get it to come out. I was fascinated, even as I thought, This is a man who goes deliberately to seek out the things I would rather never see.

Every time he pulled up a picture of a snake, I would instinctively flinch, just ever so slightly, but beside me he could feel it. He laughed, but took the hint and finally stopped showing those to me.

We sat there talking like that for so long that I had begun to think that maybe Eddie was only interested in being friends with me, after all. In one way this would be mildly disappointing. He hadn’t kissed me yet — taking things very slowly, which I appreciated — but anticipation had built to where I really wanted him to.

Still, we didn’t know each other that well and I tend to guard my heart; I wouldn’t be devastated by any means if it never materialized. So we would just be friends. That was fine.

I had just made this mental adjustment, when Eddie turned to me, took my hand, and kissed me. Hard. His mouth against mine was hard; his lips surprisingly hard; even his tongue, suddenly and insistently in my mouth, was hard. It was shockingly bad. Awful. The kiss broke, and my mouth felt mildly bruised. He kissed me again, leaning closer to me, and still his mouth was punishing on mine. I tried to shift, adjust, send the subtle signals to show him how to kiss me, but to no avail. Perhaps he was nervous? It was only our first kiss, after all.

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