Costa Rica :: Part 5

This story is being told as a series. Here’s a link to Part 1

Part 5

During the night, the room shook. My grandparents used to live on a corner lot on a rural road, and sometimes when an 18-wheeler would go by at high speed, the house would tremble slightly in its wake. That was what it felt like, and I might have slept through it, but the sensation seemed to go on and on. I opened my eyes and got my bearings. Not my grandparents’ house at all, but a hotel room in San Jose. Where, apparently, they have earthquakes.

The room went on shaking for another moment or two, while I wondered if I should be doing something — standing in a doorframe, perhaps — then abruptly it stopped. I had survived my first earthquake. It was a curious, more than frightening, sensation. I lay there, waiting to see what would happen next, wondering about aftershocks, listening for any signs that the building was compromised or that they wanted us to evacuate the premises. Surely if this place is prone to earthquakes, there would be a plan in place for how to deal with one if need be … I should probably have read the booklet of hotel information to find out what to do, I thought, and then realized that it would have been futile: it would have been in Spanish anyway. I listened, heard nothing, and decided in the end that this was a positive sign.

I fell back to sleep. In the morning, several people reported having been awakened by it too. It was clearly a small one, though: the Costa Ricans and Californians on the trip had slept right through.

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