He had been falling slowly into the vortex for so long, he had forgotten anything existed outside it. Falling, falling; always falling, and he would stare into the center and will himself to fall faster into the enveloping nothingness, until he was fully one with it, but still he took no action to make it so. If indeed he could have.

And then, for a moment, he turned away from its focus and looked at the existence outside, and for one shining moment, he believed himself capable of being caught in another gravity and pulled free of the singularity, although all the while he felt its pull and knew that he still fell. Still he was surprised that his falling had not even slowed. In fact, there has been no change at all and yet because he had dared to hope for freedom, the falling seemed all the more terrible. And having lost the distraction, he felt not only the familiar emptiness, but truly, utterly alone.

He wept as he fell.

Copyright © 1995


~ by lorakceel on March 1, 2010.

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