Ships of Shadow

Our ships of shadow do we sail
And fight the storm through gust and gale
Upon our gods our faith is pinned
We pray our hearts we will not fail

When faced with such a mighty wind
We sorrow now that we have sinned
Our souls cry out “Repent, confess!”
When now we find our hope is thinned

Within the storm we find redress
And seek a hope we might express
We fight the sea that is our foe
And now at last our fears repress

We struggle through our secret woe
That all our lives are but sorrow
Our hands we keep firm on the wheel
Despite the weakness that we know

Our emptiness we hope to heal
As something we can’t bear to feel
Upon the sea small and alone
We strain to keep an even keel

As by the sea we’re tossed and thrown
We often do our fate bemoan
Although the groaning is for naught
Because the end is always known

Although it’s only time we’ve bought
A valiant battle we have fought
To secure a place in the light
For through it all it’s peace we’ve sought

By our nature it’s our plight
Throughout our lives the storm to fight
Resist the dark with all our might
But in the end, we face the night.

Copyright © 1996


~ by lorakceel on February 25, 2010.

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